Ali Forney Center #LOVEALI T-shirt
Ali Forney Center #LOVEALI T-shirt
Ali Forney Center #LOVEALI T-shirt

Ali Forney Center #LOVEALI T-shirt

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In order to help financially support the continuous operation of the Ali Forney Center, genderless fashion brand Private Policy is teaming up with the AFC to raise money with their #LOVEALI campaign. The brand, a 2019 CFDA Vogue Fashion Fund finalist, has designed an exclusive, US-made, t-shirt. The t-shirt retails for $80, with all proceeds going to the AFC, and are pre-selling the shirts to expedite the money going towards both the organization and the factory for production. 

We ask that you make a donation of $80 to support this cause. The first round of orders have been shipped. Orders after May 1st will be shipped in end of May. Please specify what size(s) you will need so we can gather the order correctly.

As businesses make the difficult decisions to close operations, the Ali Forney Center, the nation’s largest and most comprehensive services and shelter provider for homeless LGBTQ youth, has to keep its doors open.  AFC cannot turn its back on those in need. The drop-in center and shelters are their homes, providing needed shelter and services. The center is the only homeless shelter specifically for LGBTQ youth in New York City and houses 1,400 youth annually. AFC anticipates those numbers to increase given the COVID-19 situation in New York. The organization needs as much help as possible to continue to serve the LGBTQ youth community!

In such a time of fear, AFC is standing firm and keeping its doors open. They are taking every step possible to protect their youth and staff to limit exposure by suspending outside groups and volunteers from visiting its Harlem drop-in center and shelter sites. AFC is reorganizing its programs so those staying at the Center do not need to travel between sites for services and establishing quarantine zones in all of the sites for those who have been exposed first hand to COVID-19, or become sick.

We truly hope you will be able to help support this cause. You can also do a donation in any amount on the GoFundMe page. 

"Many of our youths and staff are understandably frightened. But despite our fear, we must be there for each other. Every single day we must be here for our young people and, we hope that you will be here for us too and support in any way you can." - Ali Forney Center


100% cotton

Made in USA

Printed locally in NY

XS - chest 31"-34"
M - chest 38"-41"
XL - chest 46"-49"